Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My weekend Escapade

Ok here i finally am , mustering all the patience and courage in my endeavour to pen an article for my Buried-alive blog. This would be about my experiences last weekend at Pune-Lonavala-Kandala.

It all started off with a totally drained and exhausted me after quite a strenuous period of 3 weeks where i didn't see the outside world or knew what happened in the room next to me . Once this period ended i wanted to unwind somewhere and somehow, thats when my roomie told me he'z planning a trip to Pune to meet some friends of his. This was when i decided that Pune would probably be the best place to unwind yourself in nature and decided within a day and packed my bags on friday night to catch the next bus to Pune from Hyd.

Friday Night:

Bus was supposed to start at 9:30 and didn't come till it was 10:30, then we were told that the bus is parked at a different place thanks to the chaotic hyd traffic even at this time. Imagine me and my friend being taken triples in a bike by the travel agent to where the bus was and finally boarded the bus. There was quite another rude shock, we were seated in seat nos 1 & 2 and guess what was being played in the Video Coach * A latest collection of Hits from Himesh Reshammiya * and i had to bear the brunt sitting right up front :(. Two mins .. three mins and the first song got over when i was already into my blissful world snoring. Who knows what happened after that until i woke up at about 7 in the morning to realise we were not all that far from Pune. Was ecstatic to know that i'd be reaching pune by about 10 types when this god forsaken procession began in some remote village about 75 kms from Pune leading to a total traffic jam dampening all my excited spirits alongwith it.

Saturday Morning:

I'd planned a visit to Matheran lined up for the day and all the research on where/when/what to visit over there had been done the previous day. The traffic made sure the bus didn't move its butt for a good three and a half hours , exhausting all the patience i had. Called my dad who was in Mumbai to know if there is any way out for me to reach Pune only to be told that don't ever move from your bus as it is some village with no connectivity. Finally when i managed to convince my friend that its time we pack our bags and start walking * yes that was the extent i went to * when the traffice started moving. And by now all in the bus where so pissed that they almost coerced the suniel-shetty-lok-alike of a bus conductor to plat movie and what did he play for being ordered into was some Goddamn suniel shetty - sunny deol - ramba-sonali bandre movie which had all the ingredients for a action but comedy flick . In the meanwhile msgd my friend in Pune telling him our Matheran plans were down the drain .. he replied back saying atleast manage to come here and we shall hit the streets of Pune. I did manage that finally and then the usual go to friends room - yap - freshen up and huh finally didn't we hit Fc road. Must say the road rocked and how i wish now that i'd studied in a college like that with such plush surroundings and atmosphere. Never in my life so far have i seen so many girls * Good looking ones at that *. Romaed about rhe whole evening having chat at manmeet to constant doses of ice cream from almost all the shops there. Then headed to MG road which is another one of those helluva road. And ya not to forget getting caught by the cops on the way for having gone in a bridge where two-wheelers aren't allowed. God only knows the reason and i don't seem to understand whats the love between me and the cops often these days. Had to pay a fine of 200 bucks after having bargained down from 800 *sigh*. In the night it was time for a movie and my first Mcdonald Burger . Saw this movie DATE MOVIE at Inoux and it was a good timepass movie with occasional err overdose of yucky scenes where i had to either close y eyes or puke . All said and done one helluva evening at Pune and time to crash .. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday :

Huh managed to wake up early and reach the railway station to catch the next train to lonavala. Went to the ticket counter and asked * Dho ticket - Lonavala* when the female in the counter said * Chabeez* and i was like Oh ek sow chabeez when she corrected me saying nahin sirf chabeez. Was shocked at how cheap it was before i realised what the train i'd be travelling would be . It was none other than our chennai local train, didn't i remember those good'ol college day travels in electric trains, felt nostalgic for a bit. Finally reached lonavala after having caught up with a bit of nap in the train. Hired an auto with whom we bargained for what i thought was a reasonable amount, and in no time we hit the bhushi dam . Now began the clicking spree and never did it end till i left the place. The place was such a serenic and beautiful locale that i just couldn't stop admiring the natural scenaries there. Albeit i must admit that the security measures are non-existent, people are allowed to climb any damn hill or water fall and risk their lives in extremely dangerous spots. None would know even if someone committs a suicide or accidentally slips from some spot. It was the time for the lions valley which is about 13 kms up the hill, had a wonderful drive i must say with the auto barely managing to climb the hill. Boy-O-Boy once i reached there i felt as though there was not a better place than this on earth , the climate got cooler and it was the just before rain types with clouds all over you. Couldn't resist from clicking pics like crazy of every possible angle and ya also have vadapav. Then it was time for Kandala where we had a couple of spots called Tiger Valley and shooting spot. Looks like this was the place where Akshay khanna and Aish romanced in Taal and SRK & Madhuri in Dil to pagal hain.

Err now am getting restless, i've written so much for someone whoz not written for ages now.. so here goes a quick highlight of what happened after this .. Done with lonavala feeling nice and happy .. train back to Pune .. head to Fc road .. catch up with couple of friends at CCD .. then board a bus again .. back to Hyd on monday morning having to realise that i'd have to start working again in those closed air conditioned cubicles .. such a contrast from what i did and where i was during the weekend. Now this current article is ending like the nine pins of the Indian batting order falling during the slog overs after having done all the hard work .. But i can't sit anymore to pen even one more word , guess i'll have to somehow at any cost get used to this and work on improving my finishing toches like a Michael Bevan.

Cheerios for Now !

PS: And for this technologically challenged fella who doesn't know how to add pics to blog, i share my Y! album here ... http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/sobriquet_83/album?.dir=4ba7


At 11:16 AM , Blogger Uday said...


Good detailed account of your trip ;-)

At 1:42 PM , Blogger sweta said...

i guess u shud write more often.
nice job

At 11:06 AM , Blogger Vivacious Vetti said...

@Uday - thanks saar
@Sweta - Would be writing more

At 11:41 PM , Blogger Nikhil said...

Hey Vicky!! So, finally back to your blogging ways, eh??? Good good!! Nice write-up and pics!!


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