Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This phase of my life is called "Period" .....

  • This is a period for which I've waited 4 long years.
  • This is a period I've been dreaming of for 4 long years.
  • This is a period I've worked very hard for, for the past 4 years.
  • This is a period for which I've sacrificed so much in life for the past 4 years.
  • This is a period that I've been bitching about to my friends and parents for 4 years now.
Yes, I'm serving notice period at work to pursue an MBA in Indian School of Business ( ISB ). I can't express in words as to how happy/content/ecstatic I feel at this point in time, for I have reached the tunnel, towards which I've been traveling for 4 long years now.

There's a lot for me to do these days, things that I haven't done in a long time, things like going for an early morning jog, things like watching back to back movies, things like sleeping and not worrying about when to wake up, things like enjoying long coffee/tea breaks at work, and most importantly not worrying about or contemplating about my future, and whether or not I'll achieve what I've always wanted to. For I've achieved a short term goal of mine, a step that'll help me do what I want to, a step that's made my parents proud, a step that I've always dreamt of and worked hard towards.

I hope to blog more often from now on, time permitted, about my life & learnings in a b-school. Feel free to send me an email, call me, bitch about me, wake me up in the middle of the night, bang my door, pour water on me - if I don't blog about my experiences in a b-school.

God Speed.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

It is, and it is, and it still is ..

Well, what does one do when 'It's raining, and raining, and, oh ya, raining ?

- Some might go out get wet in the rain

- Some might go out for a bike ride

- Some might decide to go out and have hot bajjis, especially the ones made of mirchi

- Some might decide to heat water and have an awesome hot water bath

- Some might decide to make quick two minute noodles

- Some might sit back and relax, and, in the process, watch India vs Sri Lanks battle it out

- Some might decide to go to his bed room, shut all doors/windows and watch a movie.

- Some might sit and listen to rock or melodious music, depending on one's taste.

- Some might order for food from outside and wait for an eternity for it to be delivered.

- Some might sit online and browse, and browse, and, oh ya, browse.

- Some might just feel lazy and use the climate to sleep, and sleep, and, oh ya, sleep.

And then there is one who has already done most of the above, and is, in the process, of doing the rest.

As this post ends, it's still raining, and raining, and, oh ya, it's raining.

3 minutes to type this, and i've to save time to finish the rest of it .. adios !

Saturday, July 05, 2008

The 'F' factor/s

Is there something in this world that's actually termed fear or failure? This has been a question that's been burning in my mind this past week or so.

What do you term as fear? - Is it something that a person is inherently born with or is it something that an individual acquires over a period of time? Or, better still, does it exist at all?

I've always wondered if a person doesn't do what he/she wants to do; it has to be either due to fear or compulsion. When it's due to fear you let yourself become smaller than what you really are, and if it's due to compulsion you place someone else's choice above yours. Now, which is good or which is bad is totally dependent on the scenario one is in. However, should scenario matter at all? Why shouldn't someone just do something that he/she believes in? A very simple example would be for a person to not express his/her love to the other for the fear of not being accepted or rejected, but, isn't it worse than not expressing one's thoughts/feelings? What you lose by not saying what you believe is, I believe, much more than what you do when you don't. This makes me think that fear and failure go hand in hand, glove in glove. Does it mean that the fearless is always successful? Yes, I would believe so, to an extent, because a person who doesn't fear anything or anyone does what he thinks is the best, and in doing so his mind is content that it has managed to achieve, or at least attempt to achieve, what it wanted to. Now, if, at the end of it, it only managed to put across what it wanted to, without having had the full outcome - is that failure? No, I would refuse to believe so, for the success lies in the act and content is a by-product of success.

How does one overcome fear? - does he attain it by start believing in himself or does he attain it by reaching a mysterious zone that gives him a strange sense of peace and self-belief? Does overcoming fear totally rule out the sense of failure out of an individual?

While I now check what I’ve written for typos and grammatical correctness, I’m left wondering as to why are there more questions posed and left unanswered than there are any potential answers or solutions to what I, would probably, call the F factor. It’s possibly because I don’t know them myself, or am left wondering if I am , possibly, giving in to my fears ?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The return of the monsieur

If you are wondering what the title means, keep wondering. Yes, it means I'm gonna make yet another comeback attempt at blogging. Hopefully, this time I should stick to it for sometime, but as they say making a promise is one thing and sticking to it is another.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Shoppers Spot

So what've I been upto these days ? Thats a question I guess will take a bit of thinking to do, cos it can be either attributed to doing nothing or doing everything or atleast thats how I think it has to be. And you might want to ask me why do I think this way ? Well the answer is pretty simple, its 'cos i've no clue about whats happening. The optimist in Me would say i've been doing everything but if the probable pessimist were to answer the same, there is no iota of doubt that its going to be a stark contrast.

Anyways without boring with all this mundane stuff, a quick update on my current happenings. My company played in AmCham ( American Chamber of Commerce - for the uninitiated ) sports tournament and i'd be proud to say I was part of cricket team which finished as runners up in cricket. We were agonisingly close to winning the cup before falling short by 6 runs chasing the target set by Deloitte. In the process of doing so I got injured thanks to a dive on the field and bruised my entire arm. It was a pretty irritating 10 days when I wouldn't be able to rest my arm anywhere, i'd to ensure that water doesn't touch the wound, but then guess what as my tried and tested formula has been for so many years - Fair & Lovely did the trick as always. Its been a weird thing that i've done since I was a kid that whenever I get an external wound in the form of a bruising or a scratch i rush to get F&L instead of a tinture or savlon.

Last night we had the presentation part of the AmCham sports thingie and must admit it was a lot of fun. Days have now become monotonous to say the least, I either end up working or boozing with patches of sleep in between. I can't screw my sleeping habit any worse than what is is currently, I'd say it is exactly the opposite of what it used to be in the good ol'days when I used to stay @ home with parents. Coming back to the party, we had Gopichand as the Chief Guest to give away the prizes but then who was bothered about the person giving the prize as long as there was free booze and food. But then I couldn't fully capitalise on the things in offer as i'd to get done with the party and come back to office to attend a meeting. After all I wouldn't want to confirm on all fronts to my boss that this fella is a hardcore boozer which he even otherwise thinks I am. But trust me the little drunk I got thanks to Blenders Pride did work in my favour as I thought I was a lil more sensible and strong having gotten drunk, now isn't what you call a justification! Must say the meeting went on well against all my expectations where I thought am gonna get screwed big time. Moral of the story :Get a bit drunk when you've to talk a lot and hear a lot, call it bullshit or bullet shots.

Last weekend i'd borrowed couple of cd's from a friend of mine here and thanks to another friend of mine who ensured that the cd's are lost. I was feeling pretty pissed with myself for having lost a property which belonged to someone else 'cos not often do i get something from someone and this is the first time I'd lost them. And having worked the weekend too as if losing the cd's weren't enough, it was seriously frustrating. And guess what I did , this is another first for Me. To get out of this I shopped like crazy and I don't know how much money i've spent this month. OMG i'll make a spendthrift proud anyday. Let me just tell you all the stuff I bought -a Jacket for supposed winter , a denim jacket , 4 t shirts and a shade/cooler.

Yahoo Yahoo yippie its only four days before I wrap up this frustrating year with what am expecting to be an awesome trip to Goa. Talking of which i'll have to enlighten you guys with my weekend, yearend party. I am going to Goa for new years party alongwith 5 other friend of mine. The 6 of us who are going to Goa are reaching there from all directions or let me be precise - Me ( Hyderabad ) , Dj ( Ahmedabad ), Mr.G ( Bangy ), Nik ( Chennai ), Agk ( Delhi/Chennai) and Jai ( Hyd-Salem-Bangy), now isn't that diversity and thinking glope ( funda called Global perspective ). Its gonna be one helluva trip and I can't imagine how much fun we are gonna have especially since its been a long time since i've met most of these guys and its always been fun being with them. I am all thrilled and set for my maiden trip to Goa.
Ok Ok sometime spent here and now i've to go shop a bit more, have a 600 bucks worth sodexho coupon the validity of which will end this year, so I better make the best use of it, will update you guys with what I bought with it in my next blog update ..

Till then as my status message in Yahoo/Google goes these days .. "The Day I saw her, My heart ....."

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Err C'est la Vie

Yep I did promise that there are loads for me to write but life’s been on the fast lane that when I really want to write I fall short of time and interest.
But one thing I’d want to write about is my first real break that I’ve had even since I’ve started working. I can’t believe for a fact that I’ve now been in the so called clichéd ‘Corporate World’ for two and a half years. I can still vividly remember those college and school days where I used to be a free bird with lots of time in hands and enjoying life to its fullest. But these days its been a tough fight to get time to do stuff that I’ve relished doing in the past. Coming back to the break that I wanted to talk about, I got into the corporate world three days after graduating all thanks to the generous company that decided to take me from Campus and decided not to let this fella as a kite for too long. So which essentially means the last long vacation that I could have had before that would be my Sophomore holidays before entering final year.

Time hasn’t flied any faster than it has while I’ve been working, I remember the first salary that I got and the immediate joy in buying a mobile phone for myself. I remember waiting for my second salary so that I could become all independent financially which I’ve been wanting to be for a long time. Ok having said all this I’ve always been looking forward to something that’s just made me realize that I’ve become too old too soon. With perspectives your looks too change is what I’ve figured, remember the college days when people wouldn’t believe I was a college-going student. And these days people wouldn’t believe if I were to say that am ‘22’, a remark from the owner of a hotel that I go often recently that I look like a 25 yr old .

Damn the more I want to write about the break that I had the more I seem to digress from the topic. Recently I went home for during Diwali for a weeks break, 9 days to be precise. Having known that I’d be taking a break like this I literally slogged it out during the days in the lead up. 16/17 hour days at work weren’t surprising to be anymore, in fact I’d be surprised if I worked any lesser than that. While I was at home it wad the reverse, I’d sleep 16/17 hours and spend another 4/5 hours in the beach which has been one thing I’ve missed the most ever since I shifted to Hyderabad. But during the rest of the time I felt so bored that there has been times where I’ve even thought of cutting down on my break and getting back to work. Not because I love working so much against having a break but just that ‘boredom’ post ‘busyness’ . I didn’t have the mood to read something, wanted to catch up with all my friends and spend sometime as I haven’t been able to do so in the recent past. But the corporate world and higher studies ensured that my friends were either busy slogging their asses @ work or in a b-school. Being alone is something I’d hate to the core, my spirits are at it lowest possible level when I am left alone.I wish I was able to spend my break in a hill station or a beach resort with my friends or family but as they say C’est la Vie.
Ok now I guess I’ve done enough cribbing , let me get to the positive side of what’s happening in my life. For the uninitiated, I can now call myself and I am now a professionally qualified fella . If you guys are wondering what I mean I am now a CWA aka CMA ( Cost and Management Accountant). Thanks to this my working hours have increased and sleeping hours gone for a toss. In fact its now in such a phase that I end up sleeping less during weekends. There has been just three activities happening with me, I either WORK , BOOZE or PLAY . Sleep has essentially become an non essential and non existent element in my current scheme of things. I am wanting to get out of this cycle and sleep a bit more but then am too engrossed with this lifestyle that its been tough for me to get out of it.

Now this is too much of ‘Kirukkals’ and I’ll get back to my quota of 4/5 hours sleep ..

Cya guys but trust me I’ve lots more to write and I am making one final promise that I’d be writing more often.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hold your breath ..

Yep fasten your seat belts and hold your breath, i've loads to write but at this specific micro second i can't afford to write them . So i'll give you all time to warm up and be all ready to read my once-in-a-while writing. Somehow didn't find time all these days but some interesting thoughts and actions did happenen, so i'll write in whats officially termed ASAP ..