Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Shoppers Spot

So what've I been upto these days ? Thats a question I guess will take a bit of thinking to do, cos it can be either attributed to doing nothing or doing everything or atleast thats how I think it has to be. And you might want to ask me why do I think this way ? Well the answer is pretty simple, its 'cos i've no clue about whats happening. The optimist in Me would say i've been doing everything but if the probable pessimist were to answer the same, there is no iota of doubt that its going to be a stark contrast.

Anyways without boring with all this mundane stuff, a quick update on my current happenings. My company played in AmCham ( American Chamber of Commerce - for the uninitiated ) sports tournament and i'd be proud to say I was part of cricket team which finished as runners up in cricket. We were agonisingly close to winning the cup before falling short by 6 runs chasing the target set by Deloitte. In the process of doing so I got injured thanks to a dive on the field and bruised my entire arm. It was a pretty irritating 10 days when I wouldn't be able to rest my arm anywhere, i'd to ensure that water doesn't touch the wound, but then guess what as my tried and tested formula has been for so many years - Fair & Lovely did the trick as always. Its been a weird thing that i've done since I was a kid that whenever I get an external wound in the form of a bruising or a scratch i rush to get F&L instead of a tinture or savlon.

Last night we had the presentation part of the AmCham sports thingie and must admit it was a lot of fun. Days have now become monotonous to say the least, I either end up working or boozing with patches of sleep in between. I can't screw my sleeping habit any worse than what is is currently, I'd say it is exactly the opposite of what it used to be in the good ol'days when I used to stay @ home with parents. Coming back to the party, we had Gopichand as the Chief Guest to give away the prizes but then who was bothered about the person giving the prize as long as there was free booze and food. But then I couldn't fully capitalise on the things in offer as i'd to get done with the party and come back to office to attend a meeting. After all I wouldn't want to confirm on all fronts to my boss that this fella is a hardcore boozer which he even otherwise thinks I am. But trust me the little drunk I got thanks to Blenders Pride did work in my favour as I thought I was a lil more sensible and strong having gotten drunk, now isn't what you call a justification! Must say the meeting went on well against all my expectations where I thought am gonna get screwed big time. Moral of the story :Get a bit drunk when you've to talk a lot and hear a lot, call it bullshit or bullet shots.

Last weekend i'd borrowed couple of cd's from a friend of mine here and thanks to another friend of mine who ensured that the cd's are lost. I was feeling pretty pissed with myself for having lost a property which belonged to someone else 'cos not often do i get something from someone and this is the first time I'd lost them. And having worked the weekend too as if losing the cd's weren't enough, it was seriously frustrating. And guess what I did , this is another first for Me. To get out of this I shopped like crazy and I don't know how much money i've spent this month. OMG i'll make a spendthrift proud anyday. Let me just tell you all the stuff I bought -a Jacket for supposed winter , a denim jacket , 4 t shirts and a shade/cooler.

Yahoo Yahoo yippie its only four days before I wrap up this frustrating year with what am expecting to be an awesome trip to Goa. Talking of which i'll have to enlighten you guys with my weekend, yearend party. I am going to Goa for new years party alongwith 5 other friend of mine. The 6 of us who are going to Goa are reaching there from all directions or let me be precise - Me ( Hyderabad ) , Dj ( Ahmedabad ), Mr.G ( Bangy ), Nik ( Chennai ), Agk ( Delhi/Chennai) and Jai ( Hyd-Salem-Bangy), now isn't that diversity and thinking glope ( funda called Global perspective ). Its gonna be one helluva trip and I can't imagine how much fun we are gonna have especially since its been a long time since i've met most of these guys and its always been fun being with them. I am all thrilled and set for my maiden trip to Goa.
Ok Ok sometime spent here and now i've to go shop a bit more, have a 600 bucks worth sodexho coupon the validity of which will end this year, so I better make the best use of it, will update you guys with what I bought with it in my next blog update ..

Till then as my status message in Yahoo/Google goes these days .. "The Day I saw her, My heart ....."


At 9:45 AM , Blogger 1$ Saint said...

man nice 2 c sum1 else also write long next time i can jus read ur blog n no wats up wid u....nice post....keep going...

At 6:01 PM , Blogger 1$ Saint said...

you worse than me....


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