Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Instinct Rulez

I warn straight away that the title of this post has nothing to do with what is going to be penned here . Here I am this is Me starting my second blog in as many years , the first one had hardly four articles before which my lack of interest in blogging showed to such an extent that i forgot my password of my blog . Am hoping i hold on and somehow stick around this time to make sure that i carry on for a considerable period of time . I currently have no intention of blogging as such , accept you may ask then Wtf am i doing starting a blog . Well the reason is plain simple , i feel i nowadays indulge in zilch writing as a result of which i am afraid i might lose my writing skills ( not that i had a great bit of it ) . So this blog is predominantly to atleast maintain whatever bit of my writing skill that i currently possess .

Now atleast to give a teeny weeny bit of relevance to why gave this title , i start this blog from my office net cafe which is attached to the resource centre here . I actually have come here to return a book to the co-ordinator but just as i return it and turn around to head back to my desk i see the computer unoccupied . So my mind tells me why dont you check your mail and see if any one is online in my already overflowing Y! . And while i open the IE here i find that the homepage is set to a blog of a fella colleague which has some real good articles in it . So my heart immediately says start a blog of your own and see what you can do with it . And here i am this is me starting of this blog . Ouch i have already spent a good part of 20 Mins here without attending to my work . So here i go back only to promise that i will carry on blogging atleast for a reasonable amount of time .

Disclaimer : I cannot guarantee this blog will be errorless and with zilch grammatical errors .