Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Chennai , Rain & Cricket matches - The Threesome continues

Another day and another match getting washed out . I would put this all down to poor and brainless thinking on the part of the so called Grounds committe from the BCCI ( supposedly one of the richer individual bodies in the country ) . How can you ever schedule cricket matches in chennai during the months of Oct- Dec when the probability of rain is so high . It can otherwise be stated with 100% certainity and i can even go to the extent of giving a written guarantee that it wont rain during the other 9 months . It is now not once or even twice but three successive matches that have produced no results all thanks to rain . And worse it looked as though the rain gods wanted to teach a lesson by letting the skies open to heavy spells of rain on the day before and on D day 'cos it wasn't raining for about 7 days before that .

Considering the amouts at stake - tickets , sponsorships , television rights and a lot more ! I think they ought to be a bit more intelligent or atleast smart while finally deciding on the venues . I am personally enraged 'cos i had been to everyother match played at Chepauk including the washed out encounter against the Kiwis . But i somehow knew this one would be rained out too so didn't even bother pestering my dad for the complimentary tickets which i normally do .

And if this is not enough there is a test match scheduled during the first week of December - GOD only knows what gonna heppen !

Moral of the Story to be learnt by BCCI : Never schedule matches during the North East Monsoon season in Chennai .

I somehow seem to promise in every post of mine that i would henceforth blog regualry and without any change in routine i continue to do the same in this post too :))

And finally i have started a Bring Back Dhadha Campaign , interested junta can join me as Navjot Singh Sidhu has already promised his full fledged support alongwith his latest collection of Idioms & Phrases which includes a couple from tamil as well .