Thursday, October 06, 2005

f & f

First thin(g)s first I apologize for not having updated my blog for a long time now . I dont know whats with me and blogging . they more or less to be like mutually exclusive events . But am somehow trying to break the jinx and do some posting here .

Last friday had an off from office and what did i do the whole day at home . Nothing but sheer bliss , slept late thursday night and understandably woke up by 11 types on friday . Something happened and i downloaded SKype Messenger . All i did whole day was catch up with distant friends thru the messenger and chat all day . I even tried the google talk and yahoo voice chat . I must admit i never expected so much clarity in voice reception in all these messengers . Its wonderfully well done and hats off to whoever made it free .

Then came saturday and bang i was woken up by one of my friends by 7 in the morning . Actually we were supposed to go to FishCove that day to conduct a corporate event management . We were there at FishCove by around 10 and had great great fun i must admit organising all those games . We were having great fun before the rain gods started their share of work too , it started pouring for a change in chennai and we guys got wet in the rain after a long time . And after that i had the mock CAT by six in the evening , thanks to sunday being a national holiday our weekend was ruined with a pretty good paper but for a totally fuckep up DI section .

Then came sunday which turned out to be another friday for me , what with extreme bliss with some preps in between .

I wanted to write an article which wasn't directly related to what am doing but something in general , but right now i wanna keep my blog going and i promise i will come up with a generalised article over the weekend .