Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Err C'est la Vie

Yep I did promise that there are loads for me to write but life’s been on the fast lane that when I really want to write I fall short of time and interest.
But one thing I’d want to write about is my first real break that I’ve had even since I’ve started working. I can’t believe for a fact that I’ve now been in the so called clichéd ‘Corporate World’ for two and a half years. I can still vividly remember those college and school days where I used to be a free bird with lots of time in hands and enjoying life to its fullest. But these days its been a tough fight to get time to do stuff that I’ve relished doing in the past. Coming back to the break that I wanted to talk about, I got into the corporate world three days after graduating all thanks to the generous company that decided to take me from Campus and decided not to let this fella as a kite for too long. So which essentially means the last long vacation that I could have had before that would be my Sophomore holidays before entering final year.

Time hasn’t flied any faster than it has while I’ve been working, I remember the first salary that I got and the immediate joy in buying a mobile phone for myself. I remember waiting for my second salary so that I could become all independent financially which I’ve been wanting to be for a long time. Ok having said all this I’ve always been looking forward to something that’s just made me realize that I’ve become too old too soon. With perspectives your looks too change is what I’ve figured, remember the college days when people wouldn’t believe I was a college-going student. And these days people wouldn’t believe if I were to say that am ‘22’, a remark from the owner of a hotel that I go often recently that I look like a 25 yr old .

Damn the more I want to write about the break that I had the more I seem to digress from the topic. Recently I went home for during Diwali for a weeks break, 9 days to be precise. Having known that I’d be taking a break like this I literally slogged it out during the days in the lead up. 16/17 hour days at work weren’t surprising to be anymore, in fact I’d be surprised if I worked any lesser than that. While I was at home it wad the reverse, I’d sleep 16/17 hours and spend another 4/5 hours in the beach which has been one thing I’ve missed the most ever since I shifted to Hyderabad. But during the rest of the time I felt so bored that there has been times where I’ve even thought of cutting down on my break and getting back to work. Not because I love working so much against having a break but just that ‘boredom’ post ‘busyness’ . I didn’t have the mood to read something, wanted to catch up with all my friends and spend sometime as I haven’t been able to do so in the recent past. But the corporate world and higher studies ensured that my friends were either busy slogging their asses @ work or in a b-school. Being alone is something I’d hate to the core, my spirits are at it lowest possible level when I am left alone.I wish I was able to spend my break in a hill station or a beach resort with my friends or family but as they say C’est la Vie.
Ok now I guess I’ve done enough cribbing , let me get to the positive side of what’s happening in my life. For the uninitiated, I can now call myself and I am now a professionally qualified fella . If you guys are wondering what I mean I am now a CWA aka CMA ( Cost and Management Accountant). Thanks to this my working hours have increased and sleeping hours gone for a toss. In fact its now in such a phase that I end up sleeping less during weekends. There has been just three activities happening with me, I either WORK , BOOZE or PLAY . Sleep has essentially become an non essential and non existent element in my current scheme of things. I am wanting to get out of this cycle and sleep a bit more but then am too engrossed with this lifestyle that its been tough for me to get out of it.

Now this is too much of ‘Kirukkals’ and I’ll get back to my quota of 4/5 hours sleep ..

Cya guys but trust me I’ve lots more to write and I am making one final promise that I’d be writing more often.