Saturday, July 05, 2008

The 'F' factor/s

Is there something in this world that's actually termed fear or failure? This has been a question that's been burning in my mind this past week or so.

What do you term as fear? - Is it something that a person is inherently born with or is it something that an individual acquires over a period of time? Or, better still, does it exist at all?

I've always wondered if a person doesn't do what he/she wants to do; it has to be either due to fear or compulsion. When it's due to fear you let yourself become smaller than what you really are, and if it's due to compulsion you place someone else's choice above yours. Now, which is good or which is bad is totally dependent on the scenario one is in. However, should scenario matter at all? Why shouldn't someone just do something that he/she believes in? A very simple example would be for a person to not express his/her love to the other for the fear of not being accepted or rejected, but, isn't it worse than not expressing one's thoughts/feelings? What you lose by not saying what you believe is, I believe, much more than what you do when you don't. This makes me think that fear and failure go hand in hand, glove in glove. Does it mean that the fearless is always successful? Yes, I would believe so, to an extent, because a person who doesn't fear anything or anyone does what he thinks is the best, and in doing so his mind is content that it has managed to achieve, or at least attempt to achieve, what it wanted to. Now, if, at the end of it, it only managed to put across what it wanted to, without having had the full outcome - is that failure? No, I would refuse to believe so, for the success lies in the act and content is a by-product of success.

How does one overcome fear? - does he attain it by start believing in himself or does he attain it by reaching a mysterious zone that gives him a strange sense of peace and self-belief? Does overcoming fear totally rule out the sense of failure out of an individual?

While I now check what I’ve written for typos and grammatical correctness, I’m left wondering as to why are there more questions posed and left unanswered than there are any potential answers or solutions to what I, would probably, call the F factor. It’s possibly because I don’t know them myself, or am left wondering if I am , possibly, giving in to my fears ?